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                  Here’s just a sample of what I have been working on recently!
                                New Musicals!!
1. The Boogie Down Gospel  is my original musical, a re-imagining of the Gospel of Matthew, through the eyes of the Puerto Rican Community of the South Bronx in the 1990's. I am excited to present a musical with an all Latinx and Afro Latinx Cast.
A brand new take on the traditional Bible Story, with Book, Lyrics and Original Music written by me!
I am so excited to share this musical with you all, which puts POC (People of Color) at the center of thier own liberation story.

It is a story within a story, and it is my blending together of my passion for social justice and Human Rights, my love of my Puerto Rican/Latino Culture and Heritage, my love of Musical Theater, my own Faith and themes of Liberation Theology.


We have already had some developmental readings as well as a 15 minute selection developed and performed with the Latine Musical Theater Lab as well as a Staged Reading at Ripley Grier Studios! Stay tuned for more performances coming up soon! 


2.  OLIVIA-O THE MUSICAL is a cross between Oliver Twist and West Side Story, as it shows both a child lost in a broken system and a love story within a community at a crossroads..
The musical tells the story of a young Guatemalan girl who comes to the United States to be united with her Aunt in El Paso, Texas. She and thousands of other immigrant children get caught up by Immigration Authorities, detained in detention centers and sent to foster homes.

She is separated from her mother in the process, and the musical shows her determination and persistence to find her family. With Book by Diane Currie-Sam, and with Additional Lyrics by myself, along with new music composed by Gil Yaron, this musical is sure to inspire more and more people to stand up for fair and humane immigration policies!!

For more information on this new musical, please visit our website at:
Follow us at:
Twitter: @OliviaOMusical
Instagram: @OliviaOMusical 
Facebook: Olivia  O The Musical 

 3. An Unhero's Journey
This new musical has a Book, Lyrics  and Original music written by Brett Macias with Additional Lyrics  and Dramaturgy by me!

on actual events, Hector Gonzalez, is traveling to Costa Rica to find the whereabouts of his father who has been missing for 6 years. Leading Hector on a journey to find new perspectives on the man he never understood, while gaining an understanding of his culture and himself.

                                  Full Length Plays

-Windows on the World
-House Beautiful 
-B is for Butterfly


The Borders Episodic Series is a brand new Episodic Series in development, produced by Antac Entertainment, Vitruvian Films Corp. and my production company Si Se Puede Productions, LLC.

Borders follows the story of Roberto, a naive Latino Adoptee from El Salvador and raised in White America who struggles with his identity and family loyalties. Follow us at: @borderstvseries on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 
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    Some of my Recent Theater Work!!
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